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bucharest old town

Perhaps the city’s unique charm can be best observed in the area known as Bucharest Old Town – Lipscani, which consists of a jumble of streets between Calea Victoriei, Blvd. Bratianu, Blvd. Regina Elisabeta and the Dambovita River. A once-glamorous residential area, the old city centre is now being refashioned into an upscale neighborhood.

At the beginning of 1400s, most merchants and craftsmen – Romanian, Austrian, Greek, Bulgarian, Serbian, Armenian and Jewish – established their stores and shops in this section of the city. Soon, the area became known as Lipscani, named for the many German traders from Lipsca or Leiptzig. Other streets took on the names of various old craft communities and guilds, such as Blanari (furriers), Covaci (blacksmiths), Gabroveni (knife makers) and Cavafii Vechii (shoe-makers). The mix of nationalities and cultures is reflected in the mishmash of architectural styles, from baroque to neoclassical to art nouveau. This become what we know today as Bucharest Old Town.

The National Bank of Romania (BNR) stands on the site of one of the most famous buildings in Romania: the Hanul Serban Voda, which from 1678 until 1883 was the home of various institutions ranging from a pub to an inn to a girl’s dormitory! After two fires gutted the building, however, the land was leveled and in 1883, work began on the BNR, completed to the designs of French architects Cassien Bernard and Albert Galleron in 1885. Built in neoclassical French style, the building boasts a facade with Corinthian columns and an enormous central banking hall. The passing of time has left its marks on the building, but it remains a classic worthy of admiration.

Of course this are just some facts. You’ll get plenty of information regarding Old Town during the free guided walking tour which we strongly recommend you. Every day from the meeting point @ the clock from Unirea Square you can join 2 groups at 10 am and 6 pm (summertime) or 3 pm (wintertime).

During night the Old City change his face and shows you a world of bars, pubs, restaurants, live music clubs and so on. You can eat, drink and dance till morning time. You just have to visit it and will definitely fall in love with Bucharest.

From our hostel in Bucharest on Stirbei Voda street to the Bucharest Old Town is just a 15-20 min walk. During summer we recommend you to pass through Cismigiu garden. It’s lovely !

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