How to find your hostel in Bucharest.


So, you decide to come @ Crazy Duck Hostel in Bucharest! This is a good decision! But, when you first time come in Bucharest is better to be aware of some things.

Coming from Otopeni International Airport in town can be sometime an unpleasant experience. To avoid this please take care about some facts:

  • It is a good idea to take a taxi because the price is quite low. After your check out you’ll see inside the airport an electronic device where you can order a taxi. Select a company with 1.39 lei/km and take your ticket. Search outside for the car company name and car number in order to be sure you’ll be in the right car. From the airport to Crazy Duck Hostel in Bucharest you should pay around 30 – 35 lei.
  • If you just want to come by bus you may choose between 783 from the airport to Romana Sq. (Piata Romana) or 780 from the airport to the main railway station (Gara de Nord). From any of these locations to our hostel is just a 12 – 14 min walk. Take care – the bus is not available during night period!
  • If you are coming in a big group is better to ask for a transfer

Coming from the railway station is easy – during daytime is just a 12-14 min walk. But if you carry a big luggage may need a taxi. Take care about the rate – is written on the front door – have to be 1.39 lei/km. If you don’t see this rate it may be a fake taxi driver. From Gara de Nord to our hostel is a 5 min drive and should cost no more than 8-10 lei.

Staying in Crazy Duck Hostel in Bucharest gives you the opportunity to visit the town easily. You are close to the Old Town (15 min walk), Cismigiu Garden (3 min walk), Revolution Square (8 min walk), Parliament House (10 min walk). We’ll provide you free city maps and a lot of information regarding our town.

During daytime there are 2 free walking tours beginning from Unirea Square at 10 am and 6 pm. These tours last for 2 ½ hours and show you the most important spots in Bucharest downtown. If you just want to see more of Bucharest you can choose the alternative tours which are fascinating. Bike tours of Bucharest are also a good option for those who want to see the city and be in good shape as well :)

Nearby our hostel is a non-stop mini market where you can find most of the daily use products, cooked food, drinks, etc.

Have a pleasant stay at our hostel in Bucharest !

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