Visiting Bucharest

Why Bucharest? What is so special in this city?

bucharest hostels

This is the main question. For any backpacker should be a reason why coming in a new town. So, what is special about Bucharest? I traveled a lot in this beautiful world and I must say that every town has its best and its worst. Of course you can’t compare…

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Parliament House in Bucharest– a dream of grandour

Parliament House in Bucharest

Built by Communist Party leader, Nicolae Ceausescu, the colossal Parliament House in Bucharest (formerly known as the People’s House) is the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon. It took 20,000 workers and 700 architects to build. The palace boasts 12 stories, 1,100 rooms, a 328-ft-long lobby and…

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What we love about – Bucharest Old Town

bucharest old town

Perhaps the city’s unique charm can be best observed in the area known as Bucharest Old Town – Lipscani, which consists of a jumble of streets between Calea Victoriei, Blvd. Bratianu, Blvd. Regina Elisabeta and the Dambovita River. A once-glamorous residential area, the old city centre is now being refashioned…

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