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This is the main question. For any backpacker should be a reason why coming in a new town. So, what is special about Bucharest?

I traveled a lot in this beautiful world and I must say that every town has its best and its worst. Of course you can’t compare Bucharest with big shiny cities as Paris, London or Rome, but ….

  • in Bucharest you’ll find a decent meal with less than half price comparing with Paris
  • in Bucharest the taxi rate is less than third part comparing with London
  • in Bucharest the bars and terraces are open till morning time which is better than in Rome
  • Bucharest hostels are one of the cheapest in Europe and they provide excellent accommodation

The Old Town in Bucharest is one of the best party destinations in all Europe. Keep in mind that you can have the time of your life here.

Also you have a lot of historical buildings, museums and nice parks as well. For a regular backpacker 3-4 days are just enough in Bucharest but try not to come in Romania for just a short period. Connect your trip in Bucharest with a few days in Transylvania visiting Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu. If you come by car try not to miss the Transfagarasan road which is one of the best mountain roads in Europe. Spend a few days if summer on Black Sea Coast at Vama Veche and enjoy a lot of fun at the beach. Take your time to visit the monasteries in Bucovina, some of them being in the UNESCO heritage.

So, Romania is a beautiful country and it’s a backpackers paradise concerning prices. Don’t miss it.

During your Bucharest stay we’ll be happy to have you at Crazy Duck Hostel Bucharest. Read our reviews on tripadvisor.com or booking.com and find out why more than 90% of our former tourists are now our friends.

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